Our Story

 At Well Be Labs GmbH, life is our laboratory. We are dedicated to helping adults and children around the world solve daily health concerns for more peaceful living.

We are a company specializing in the development and sourcing of healthcare innovations, as well as their distribution in the international healthcare market. Well Be Labs’ strength is to identify voids in the market (“white spaces”) and provide customers around the world with truly innovative solutions that make a noticeable difference in people’s everyday comfort and condition.

Is it our sourcing approach or our way of viewing the market that make our products so radically different? Our partners would probably say “both!” Daily life is our testing ground. We observe the world, “scanning” people’s daily concerns and needs. We see these as the raw material for our products and innovations.

Scouting the world, we often find invisible unfulfilled wishes for products that don’t yet exist. And that’s where our R&D process begins.

Created in 2015 by two entrepreneurs with a strong background in healthcare, skincare and high technology, Well Be Labs now has a staff of 14 employees and partners, dedicated to Research & Development, Sourcing, Marketing & Sales, and Production & Logistics – in Europe, America, and Asia. Well Be Labs enjoys a distribution network of 40,000 points of sales throughout Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.

In 2016, Well Be Labs GmbH launched Leeloop (the Lice-Preventing Hairband) – a patented smart hairband that helps families easily prevent lice infestation, thanks to a special process that fixes a 100% natural and lice-repelling complex into a hairband that remains effective for two weeks.

Look for even more fabulous innovations from Well Be Labs in the future.


  • Head lice can be a nightmare, and getting rid of them a royal pain. So, why not avoid them altogether?

    One day my daughter’s best friend burst into our living room scratching her head and complaining that she had lice AGAIN! It had gotten to the point where she was getting infested every two months, and her mother was totally desperate.

    “If only there was a simple ‘something’ that would protect kids from these nasty insects,” she said to me, while pulling her daughter’s hairband off to check her head.

    Eureka! The answer were right there in her hand – a hairband could protect her! And so Leeloop was born. Even though the concept was crystal clear that day, turning the idea into a working product was a much longer story.

    It took our team two years of development and testing to ensure Leeloop would efficiently – and safely – protect children from lice. The key was to find a way to “seal” the natural lice repellant into a quality hairband, while keeping the product affordable enough for daily use. Once we identified the challenges, we built a team and got to work.




  • The original Leeloop uses a proprietary blend of powerful plant extracts specifically formulated by aromatherapists to be safe for human use. It took a team of professionals including chemists, pediatricians, regulation specialists, safety experts, and fragrance developers over two years to develop this patented innovation.

    When it comes to children’s health, safety and quality are top priorities. Don’t take any chances – beware of counterfeits. Make sure to buy the original Leeloop lice-preventing hairband.