100% Natural. Nontoxic. Clinically Proven Lice Prevention.

Dermatologist Tested. Parent and Teacher Approved.

Don't get lice. Get Leeloop.

Why going Leeloop?

100% Natural

Leeloop is powered by a 100%
natural formula… Say goodbye to pesticides and artificial ingredients!

95% Efficiency

Leeloop efficacy was tested by independent institutions andproven to repel lice by 95%.

100% Safe

Leeloop has gone through the
most severe tests and is fully safefor children use (above 3 years old).


Leeloop was developed to allow
children to use the product on their own… and feel independent!

Saves Time & Money

Peace of mind for 15 cents a day!
Leeloop saves time and money…
No more painful combing!


Leeloop is fun, intuitive, and easy to apply in the hair. It fits perfectly in a pocket or pencil case for lice protection any time.

About Leeloop

Lice-Preventing Hairband

Leeloop Lice-Preventing Hairband

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